Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Today I gave birth to a blog.

Cheers!! to the first post on my first blog ever.

I was inspired to create this blog simply because I am very passionate about food and would like to share with the world my adventures in cooking and eating. I've been a line cook at a couple restaurants in my past; one was a greek bistro and the other a steakhouse. Suprisingly, I didn't gain much knowledge while cooking in either of these restaurants. Most of my learning has come from trial and error in my home kitchen/outdoor grill, reading cookbooks, watching Food Network and talking to experienced cooks such as my amazing mother and mother-in-law. I'd say grilling meats and vegetables is my forte and favorite method of cooking, but I also love to turn up the heat inside the kitchen. I'm always trying out new recipes - 51% of which I come up with all on my own. Cooking is a passion of mine and eating is my favorite thing to do beside cooking. I like balanced meals - with a moderate amount of protein and a healthy balance of carbs and fats. I truly believe fresh ingredients, a grill or oven and a vivid imagination are a direct pathway to true happiness. I hope to portray that concept through this blog. I'd like to share recipes, share knowledge and make any kind of posts connected to my love for food. For now, there is no specific topic or goal, just a common theme:


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