Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives

I love blue cheese. Olives are okay. Not a huge fan of dirty martinis, but my wife enjoys one every now and then. She asked for blue cheese stuffed olives in her martini this weekend. She had them before at the Cheescake Factory in Charlotte, NC. I Found a recipe on a bartending forum. Simple and delicious. You could make a jar of these as an appetizer for a party or a side course to a meal. I think it tastes delicious.

To stuff 4 olives:
4 olives
2 tsp crumbled blue cheese
1 tsp cream cheese, softened
1/2 garlic clove, minced
Pinch of salt & pepper

Remove the pimentos from your olives. Reserve all the brine in the jar.

Mix the ingredients together. To get that blue cheese mixture into the olive I used a make-shift pastry bag. I just cut a corner of a ziploc bag and squeezed the mixture into the olives. Return the jar with olive brine to enhance the flavors. Enjoy!

For dirty martini, combine 1 shot vodka and 1 shot olive brine in shaker with ice. Shake well. Pour into glass. Garnish with two stuffed olives.

If making a whole jar of olives, I think 1 cup of each blue cheese and 1/2 cup of cream cheese should work. Adjust garlic, salt and pepper to your taste. I did try a few of the olives stuffed with just the blue cheese and minced garlic. That adds a nice variation to the mix.


  1. Dirty Martini is one of my favorites, with blue cheese olives of course! Nice technique - I usually just wind up jamming chunks of blue cheese in - but no more! Cheers, Michelle

  2. Yum...I love dirty martinis and you can't go wrong with blue cheese anything! Great idea for the olives...I usually just buy them.



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